Samyogaa is a virtual platform that invites you to connect never to disconnect. It is a stage for the arts, a classroom for education, and a canvas for connectivity in a world disconnected by distances and differences. It is a space for self reliance in a mutually respectful world of inter dependence.

May Samyogaa (absolute connectedness) envelope the world as ONE...

We Offer Studios For


Teachers and students of dance, music, art, yoga, chanting can conduct uninterrupted classes on the Samyogaa platform specially designed with mirror imaging and features that allow audios and videos to be played during your classes for ease of teaching and learning. Come try us out!


Entrepreneurs, professionals, ladies circles - here is a platform that completely relates to you. Conduct meetings, demos and events, or enjoy connecting with friends and family, absolutely worry free. We are committed to your security. Come relax, work or simply catch-up!


This platform is well suited to livestream your dance performances, music recitals, theatre and related arts, lectures etc. The world is your audience and Samyogaa your stage. Watch your talent travel across continents in a cost effective digital capsule. Come give it a try!

Our Features

Voice Call
& SIP Support

live stream

Live Streaming

Video Conferencing

Audio play

Audio to Play Directly from System


Mirror image


Record meetings directly to your drive

Why Samyogaa

Being self reliant and using the Indian demographic talent pool to coalesce our digital network and bring about the “absolute connection” is the essence of “Samyogaa”. Moreover, Samyogaa is a niche platform inviting lesser traffic, with privacy policies and security walls that are especially sensitive to women, and the arts.

Customizable to your requirements
Samyogaa does not record, nor store any recordings of meetings conducted on the platform
Upto 100 participants
User Friendly
Cost Effective
End to End encryption & Best Security Standards